Stoll GmbH Luft- und Umwelttechnik • APPLICATION AREAS

Application Areas

Our suction and ventilation systems are used by a broad variety of industry sectors, for example:

Print and Paper:

bookbinding, printing plants, paper manufacture, paper converting

Wood-processing Industry:

joinery, saw mill, carpentry, transport and handling of bio material, wood chips, wood shavings

Metal Working Industry:

foundries, vapours, welding fume, chips and welding cinder

Food Industry:

confectionery, pastry, butcher shops, bakeries

Packaging Producers:

cardboard factories, sheeting

Plastics Processing:

polystyrene, granulate

Chemical Industry:

paint and varnish, solvents, exhaust systems for laboratories

Recycling Plants:

paper recycling, trading with wood shavings, insulation producers, charging of silos