Stoll GmbH Luft- und Umwelttechnik • FIELD OF ACTIVITIES

Field of Activities

Core Business

The main focus of our company is on the manufacture and marketing of industrial suction and filter systems. We also produce special ventilators for various industrial sectors.

With a history of 80 years of continuous innovation and improvements, Stoll GmbH is one of the leading companies in this line.


Our clientele are not only small and medium-sized companies, but also big corporations. They all appreciate our reliability and, above all, the significant innovations which thanks to the ingenuity of our development department have enlarged the range of our products. We also contract for work, manufacturing parts on short notice according to drawings and using the required material.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection always is of paramount importance to Stoll GmbH.

In spite of the pressure of economical success, our company and our staff strive for a clean and healthy environment which is the basis of any future planning. To the extent of our capabilities we put the objectives of modern eco-management into practice. With all processes, the environmental concerns are always on our mind. This not only applies to waste disposal but to the consumption of energy and water, too.

Quality Policy

Stoll GmbH takes utmost care to maintain the highest quality standard. It is our policy to achieve and continuously improve the quality objectives.

At all times the customer is in the focus of our attention and activities. First priority is given to the satisfaction of the customer, and at the same time we comply with the legal requirements concerning safety and environmental protection.

Highly qualified and well-trained staff is another important issue. Professional training and motivation are of utmost concern to us. We provide in-house training to maintain the high level of specialised knowledge. Therefore we can involve our staff members in decision-making processes.